Recently, I've found that I finally have a little time to start my blog - sadly, thanks to the economy - but, luckily I will have more time to devote to Martha Stewart inspired projects, reading blogs of farm dwellers in Idaho and catching up on all my celebrity beauty secrets. While I do have less "real work" I am committed to making my blog NESTPARTY | Guide to a Stylish Life an awesome distraction from reality one fantastic idea at a time.

Monday, July 13, 2009

{TEMPTATION} 1800's Georgia Peach

Monday, July 13, 2009
It's Monday morning, and while thinking about the tragic economy, the best way to distract myself is with expensive homemade goods from - obviously! I'm really adoring this 19th century, I-live-on-a-plantation kind of feel of these fabulous finds. It just makes me want to buy a petticoat and rename my cat, Mint Julep!
Boudoir Chair - $800, Reclaim the Throne
Sunset Sail Print- $17, DreamON
Silk Blouse - $325, Claire la Faye


Iva said...

Beautiful shirt! love the color! you have such a great a blog!

Avian | said...

Thanks! the blogging world is so new to me! I'm excited to get started... not to mention it makes all my shopping have "real purpose"! Ha!

Lynn said...

What? Is that chair $800? Wha what??

Stacy said...

I really like your blog. It's so pretty? Did you design it? I am starting a blog soon too. Just getting ideas. I really like that painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Megan said...

I want that chair!

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