Recently, I've found that I finally have a little time to start my blog - sadly, thanks to the economy - but, luckily I will have more time to devote to Martha Stewart inspired projects, reading blogs of farm dwellers in Idaho and catching up on all my celebrity beauty secrets. While I do have less "real work" I am committed to making my blog NESTPARTY | Guide to a Stylish Life an awesome distraction from reality one fantastic idea at a time.

Monday, August 17, 2009

{OBSESSION} Pyramid Stud Details

Monday, August 17, 2009
Last month I took a quiz in some magazine (I do happen to know which it was, but for the love of my reputation of reading "only the best" publications - I'm not actually going to say what I was actually reading) and was informed that my style is: boho. I am not. And, it is sooo not. I'd say I'm more Global Chic or Rockstar on the Road, but not Bohemian.

In celebration of a magazine NOT KNOWING what type of person I am based on a few answers I have organized my anti-boho obsession of pyramid stud details. I'm totally in love with those sandals! I could totally rock those with a jean skirt on the weekend.

What's your style? If you could just make-up a name to fit your style, what would you call it?

{VACATION} But ... I'm Back!!

Hi there! I have been totally off the radar the past week due to a long-awaited vacation/husband's business trip/mini 2.5 year anniversary celebration in Chicago. I completely planned on blogging while gone, but I lost my blackberry in the airport surgery (still not sure what exactly happened), and somehow 7 days slipped by without posting a single comment about Design Star or Rachel Zoe. But - I'm back!

I'll resume my fabulous ramblings tomorrow morning! Hope you had a GREAT weekend!

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Style Fairy Award
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