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Thursday, July 9, 2009

{INSPIRATION} All Signs Point to ... AWESOME

Thursday, July 9, 2009
I love how over time by reading someone's personal blog you can piece together what it must be like to actually know that specific person. You come to realize that blogger adores state fairs, costume balls and energy drinks, but dislikes pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and the word, "mule". However, as for me and my blog, we will tell you what we love - and it's just about anything that has words or phrases typed, letterpressed, stenciled or painted onto an just about anything. I've basically been into retro neon signs since junior high. Though before 2001 I had never been to Las Vegas or New York. But, I had vacationed in Pensacola Beach with my family. There awaiting each beach seeking tourist is a vintage neon sign acting as gatekeeper the the world's whitest beach. I am going to claim that as the beginning of my latest obsession in our nest!

Wedding Chapel Painting - J. Sandquist

Love/Hate L.A. - Buckingham Studios L.A.
Stargazing Invitation/Gatsby theme - The Aviary
Pensacola Beach Sign - Pensacola Beach, Florida
Glass Pool Inn - J. Sandquist
Roses & Rue Book - Livingston & Porter
Kissing Booth letterpress print -Roll and Tumble Press
Niagara Falls Postcard - BROOKLYNrehab
Truth Print - Lake Illustration
Crest O' The Wave - Disney World's Resort Boardwalk Hotel

Style Fairy Award

Style Fairy Award
from tres stylish La Vie ... J'aime

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