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Friday, July 24, 2009


Friday, July 24, 2009
I'm dying to be one of those super organized people you see at airports that breezes through security - first class lane only, of course - that always seems to be "going somewhere exotic rather than Oklahoma".

Now that is a direct quote from my mother while she and I boarded a plane last month to visit my birth state... yep, you guessed it, Oklahoma.
::sigh:: Good times!

These are my above-all, must-haves-to-keep-me-sane at the airport and on-the-plane luxuries. They are all things I actually OWN and not what I should own, so I can attest to the wonders of each item and how it assists me in maintaining my zen-like state of mind even while flying.

In a couple of weeks I'll be jetting off to Chicago and then to Madison, Wisconsin and no doubt these items will save me life once again! Enjoy a peak into my luggage...

Dell notebook, $499 - it's so small, it slips in and out of my purse in a flash for security
iPod: Pink iPod Nano, $149 - I download spa worthy music and zone out
Dress: American Eagle, $39- super comfy, yet easily dressed up
Pocket Watch Necklace: Tempus Fugit, $65 -you can never be to the terminal too early to ask for an upgrade to first class
LUXE Maps: Luxe Travel Guides, $9 each - chic travel guides
Scarf/Blanket: Love Notes, $88 - can be used as scarf in terminal and blanket while on plane
Watch: Michael Kors, $195 - see "pocket watch necklace" -
Stamps: King & Queen of Hearts, $8 per book - to send postcards to all those that you'd love to make "pea green with envy"
Giraffe Journal: Papercup Design, $16 - to keep a travel log of events, places and people
High-tech Water Bottle: Hydra Coach, $28 - hydration is key to keeping sanity while traveling
Lip Shine: Philosophy, $8 -pure heaven for the lips
YSL Postcard Clutch: Yves Saint Laurent, $599 - it's a postcard from YSL - hello, fabulous!
Luggage: Steamline, The Editor Series, $125 - $450 - It's so vintage in style, but totally modern in function and design

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Style Fairy Award
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