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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

{TRES SHABBY FINDS} Lazy Summer Days

Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Yesterday I spent hours, upon hours, hunting through the area's best fleamarkets and antique stores. After a long day, and a full bottle of anti-bacterial cleanser, I realized that I had made so fairly decent choices that somehow reflect my desire to spend a majority of my time at the beach.

I scored these vintage water skies for only $133 at a local antique store that was closing (victim of our economy, maybe). I just adore the color and the logo of the company on the ends of each ski. I have them resting close to the front door, as if I just got back from doing a ski-on-water show at Cypress Gardens, circa 1945.
So very Ester Williams!

I love collecting vintage books with bizarre titles, such as:
And One Was Beautiful, and, Love in a Snowstorm. But, my newest vintage book is Her Only Sin for a mere $2. I adore really graphic covers, so I designed this mini-shelves (similar to a life-size Scrabble tray that holds the 7 tiles) so the books could rest against the walls being displayed as artwork. The shelved are just $9 wooden baseboards turned sideways and screwed into 3 studs in the walls. I just can't wait for a rainy day to read Her Only Sin ... I'm just dying to know what her freakin' "sin" is and why!

When I saw this wood-craft toucan, for only $22, I literally squealed with delight. My brother-in-law owns a toucan and a blue hyacinth macaw (let the record show, I do not condone adoption of wild animals) and I've always adored the tropical nature that these fine creatures bring to mind. Now, I live in a beachside community with very fair colored homes... our home needs COLOR! So, I immediatly brought this big guy home and put him on a permenant birch on the second floor veranda. It's been out there 2 days now and... no crazy comments, like, "what the heck is that thing?" WHEW! ;)

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Style Fairy Award
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