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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

{INSPIRATION} Suddenly Seaside

Wednesday, July 8, 2009
[WARNING: READER MY BECOME SEA-GREEN WITH ENVY AFTER READING POST] I live on the beach. There, I've said it! Whew - the truth really does set you free! And while some might suggest that beach dwellers (myself included) naturally would get tired of living in paradise, I'm here to set the record straight. My husband and I adore this lifestyle... day in, day out.

Alas, with any relationship it's important to keep it fresh and exciting, which is why I feel that "suddenly seaside" is the best way to describe my current daily inspiration for my life. I've included a romantic beachside motel (we're talkin' 1950's romantic motor inn), sexy jewelry inspired by the ocean and even some delicious sweet treats that are bound to entice even the healthiest of readers.

Seaside Bakery Sign -
Coral print in turquoise room - unknown (contact if known)
Vintage 50's Luggage Rack - Old Crow Farm
Salt Water Taffy - Sea Shore Taffy
Rustic Ocean Floor Art - The Bee's Knees Designs
Anchor Necklace - Vintage Musings
Vintage 50's Miami Beach Brochure - Modmarge Fine Finds
His & Her's hand towels - Jolly Time One

Style Fairy Award

Style Fairy Award
from tres stylish La Vie ... J'aime

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