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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

{OBSESSION} Laura & John | Vegas Wedding

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
My very, very good friends Laura & John are tying the knot in wild and wonderful Las Vegas' Wynn hotel. {GASP!} It's heavenly. If you've never been - GO. If you've been before - I'll race you there!

Now, they didn't want your typical Vegas wedding. Not sure why... I secretly adore weddings at the Chapel O' Love. However, they were looking for something with a little more whimsy than wild, a little less Viva Las Vegas and more Alice in Wonderland.
It didn't take long to find inspiration. From the moment you walk through the lobby doors {SIGH} you are greeted by unbelievable parasol chandeliers in all shapes, sizes and hues at Parasol Up | Parasol Down in the Wynn Hotel.

Needless, to say... inspiration was found in these delicate, ladylike, turn-of-the-last-century portable shade-makers. It's breezy, wistful and, above all (literally), romantic.
Did I mention I'm totally MOH (Matron of Honor)?

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{DESTINATION} Serenity Spa at BayPoint

As you might have already gathered, I'm a journalist for a major publication that pays for me to do unbelievable research on all things decadent. I'm the magazine's go-to-gal for galas, weddings, restaurants and, spas. Blah, blah, blah... on to what really matters... the spa!

I luckily have the opportunity to fly on over to Panama City Beach and do a little "research" at Serenity Spa at BayPoint Marriott. It's a resort right on the Emerald Coast, so I'll also be getting myself a little tan while I'm there for 24 hours. I'm excited just to lay around reading Mary Kay Andrew's, The Fixer Upper, in the relaxation room (pictured) after time spent in the steam room.

I'll be getting the detox wrap and pedicure. I'm a detox wrap connoisseur! I'm excited to see how this one fairs. I usually lose about an inch (in only water weight, of course), but that really makes a difference when laying poolside!

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