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Thursday, July 16, 2009

{SEDATION} Beach, Flip Flops & Evian

Thursday, July 16, 2009
I just got back from a work trip, and don't let anybody fool you ... traveling is traveling, period. Whether it's for work or pleasure the airports are exhausting by the end of the day. I love traveling, but I love being home even more.

As for me, I've totally managed to waste the day since arriving back at home (hope my editor doesn't entirely agree).

Don't you just LOVE those days where you either, a.) accomplish everything, or b.) nothing?

I found that they are totally different sensations - one is victory, the other is more like mild meditation. Regardless, today I'm enjoying a long day laying out at the beach, my $3.50 Old Navy flip flops and a huge bottle of Evian.


zefa said...

hi, what a beautiful view from your house, i used to have one too back on my childhood, now i live in a big city and rarely see the seas :'(

Jenn said...

what a pretty blog! I'm a follower. Oh and I completely live for evian in glass bottles.

Jaime said...

Great post- those days are the best! I love how you created the pictures (with the "frames" around them).

PS: I wish that was my view from the house!

Avian | said...

I sometimes wish I had a backyard and garden though!! Shhh... don't tell anyone!!

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