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Friday, July 24, 2009


Friday, July 24, 2009
I'm dying to be one of those super organized people you see at airports that breezes through security - first class lane only, of course - that always seems to be "going somewhere exotic rather than Oklahoma".

Now that is a direct quote from my mother while she and I boarded a plane last month to visit my birth state... yep, you guessed it, Oklahoma.
::sigh:: Good times!

These are my above-all, must-haves-to-keep-me-sane at the airport and on-the-plane luxuries. They are all things I actually OWN and not what I should own, so I can attest to the wonders of each item and how it assists me in maintaining my zen-like state of mind even while flying.

In a couple of weeks I'll be jetting off to Chicago and then to Madison, Wisconsin and no doubt these items will save me life once again! Enjoy a peak into my luggage...

Dell notebook, $499 - it's so small, it slips in and out of my purse in a flash for security
iPod: Pink iPod Nano, $149 - I download spa worthy music and zone out
Dress: American Eagle, $39- super comfy, yet easily dressed up
Pocket Watch Necklace: Tempus Fugit, $65 -you can never be to the terminal too early to ask for an upgrade to first class
LUXE Maps: Luxe Travel Guides, $9 each - chic travel guides
Scarf/Blanket: Love Notes, $88 - can be used as scarf in terminal and blanket while on plane
Watch: Michael Kors, $195 - see "pocket watch necklace" -
Stamps: King & Queen of Hearts, $8 per book - to send postcards to all those that you'd love to make "pea green with envy"
Giraffe Journal: Papercup Design, $16 - to keep a travel log of events, places and people
High-tech Water Bottle: Hydra Coach, $28 - hydration is key to keeping sanity while traveling
Lip Shine: Philosophy, $8 -pure heaven for the lips
YSL Postcard Clutch: Yves Saint Laurent, $599 - it's a postcard from YSL - hello, fabulous!
Luggage: Steamline, The Editor Series, $125 - $450 - It's so vintage in style, but totally modern in function and design


Jaime said...

Love this collection and color palette! That dress is so cute and the luggage is so chic.

Happy weekend!

Lucinda said...

I'm dying to be one of those super organized people you see at airports that breezes through security - first class lane only, of course


Lynn said...

happy weekend jettsetter! You were born in Oklahoma? That was totally unexpected!

I'm def in luv with that dress and necklace.

Britin Holly said...

Fun! I want to travel with you! I am one of those "unorganized" people you see at the airport. Its like a disaster area after security with shoes, purses and all going a million different directions. Love this citrusy colors and the necklace (not to mention the great reason for wearing 2 watches) Hehe!!!

Kimberly said...

I love it...As an unfrequent, frequent flyer wife of a travelin' mister (believe it or not this phrase makes perfect sense in my head!), I get the "trying to travel chic" thing. If you ever want to witness something funny, it is to see the two of us going through security. No matter what I try to take through or have to take off, it will be him that gets stopped.
Thanks for bein' my new friend. I hope you stop by often and find my blog somewhat entertaining. I'm off to explore yours more (I can already tell you, I love those blue skis that were peeking at me)! xxx kim

Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

I love the luggage, I cut out a picture of them awhile ago and lost it, now thanks to you I can finally try and purchase pink!!! YAY!!!. great and fun blog, love it!1

Jessica Cangiano said...

Such a punchy, energetically pretty selection of items! I'm really feeling yellow this year for the perhaps the first time. I always thought it was too "harsh" for my pale skin to pull off, but I've found a shade or two that work well and am really embracing the sunshine colour these days :)

Thank you very much for your caring comment, my dear. I hope you have a beautiful day!

♥ Jessica

carlee said...

I LOVE the luggage...had to check out their website! The Ambassador Series is perfect!


Have to leave another comment. Keep coming back to your site. Really like the way you write - Oklohoma makes me giggle :)
Oh, and someone should perhaps tell these steamlined people they should do that fabulous luggage in black & white, too.
By the way, I've linked your cameo post to my latest blogpost- all those beautiful black and white images made me paint a zebra pattern on my car today, will you believe it?! will post a photo once it's ready.

nookie said...

love the dress

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