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Monday, July 6, 2009

{INSPIRATION} Neptune's Nursery

Monday, July 6, 2009
Brace yourself for this shocking {inspiration} post: I'm decorating my kitten's nursery. Naturally, my kitten doesn't have a room entirely to himself. I'm actually talking about the 5x5 walk-in crawlspace under the staircase that is home to Neptune's litter box, food and soon to be his "nursery". It's a bit silly - but, it does need to be done - and anything worth doing is worth doing well enough to make friend jealous, right? ;) Not to mention, I'm seriously thinking about babies around the clock now days. Since the timing isn't right yet (and I stress yet) this is the next best thing!

Paua Painting
- My Private Collection
Blue Chandelier - unknown (contact if known)
Capiz Bowls - Target
Neptune's Lamp - unknown (contact if known)
Cat Nip Toys (fish) - Anastasia 91
Topography of Ocean Floor - Crafterall
Rug - Angela Adams
Underwater Reef - Neptune Memorial Reef - Miami, Florida
"N" is for Neptune - Morning Star Designs


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Style Fairy Award
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